Why do some people enjoy watching horror films ؟

02 نوفمبر

Whether you are a fan of fear or risk, we give you the answer to this question from a psychological point of view.

Who among us did not know the sense of horror? Where the heartbeat accelerates and breaths, the body shivers, and one may become sweaty. Whether it’s a horror movie, a car crash on a side road in a dark forest, or a night at night exploring an abandoned house, you have to know that there are people ready to do the impossible to get that feeling. Do you know that there are people sleeping on the pavement of the cinema, to be the first to watch horror films when they go to the halls? And that there are those who pay extra to get all the new horror stories? And that there are those who travel to distant countries to throw themselves from the highest high bridge does not believe from hitting the ground only a rubber rope? All this in order to hold their breath and accelerate their pulse and enjoy the feeling of horror.

Of course, among us many who could lose appetite to eat their own family if they saw one scene from a bloody horror movie on television. They wonder how a person can enjoy movie scenes, built entirely on scenes of murder, chopping off blood and blood, ghastly ghosts, or The evil spirits that came back from the other world, or the savage vampires? How can they take a desperate breath to see such terrible things? Experts and scholars have another opinion, saying that it is not uncommon for some people to love to go so far as to inquire into degrees of terror, driven by their chaotic desire to know to what extent their potential, fear, Enjoy the satisfaction they get after the end of the film or adventure, when they make sure they have managed to endure that terrible sense?

– Explore the dark side:

What fun people find in the sense of horror, which accompanies stories full of evil?
“There is a long history of people who have shown great curiosity to get closer to horror,” says Dr. Frank Farley, PhD, a psychologist in the field of psychology, who says: “By watching horror movies, we can see horror in front of our eyes. Some people like this very much because they are interested in everything that is abnormal All that is strange, they admire everything they can not understand, and everything that is different from their daily lives. ”
For more than two decades, Dr. Glenn Sparks, a Ph.D. in psychology, has studied how women, men and children respond to the horrifying images of visual media of all kinds. “Some people need to expose themselves to sensations It is true that watching a horror film can have some drawbacks in the eyes of some people, but there are other people who are happy to watch a horror movie because it makes them live new sensations, different from the ordinary feelings of others. .
Many studies have shown that males love watching horror movies, much more than women do. “They do not like to be as terrified as they look for the satisfaction they feel when they say to themselves and to their friends: We have succeeded in invading, but controlling a field that was frightening for us,” Sparks said at Sparks University. They broke through the fear barrier. ” “It is very common to find, after a horror film, a person who comes out of the cinema with a smile, fills him with a sense of comfort and pride, and is very happy that he managed to make the film come to an end,” adds Sparks.

– Horror seekers:

Dr. Farley, who for years served as president of the American Society of Ecology, studied people he called “characters looking for terror.” These women and men are groping for an opportunity to experience a high risk by doing activities that other people consider frightening, such as riding a roller coaster ride in the amusement park, jumping from high places with a rubber belt, and so on. “Those who jump from the plane will tell you that what drives them to the maximum of adventure is a combination of terror, fear and excitement,” says Dr. Farley. According to Dr. Farley, “Some people even enjoy physiological changes in their bodies when they do risky work or fear, such as elevated adrenalin in the blood, rapid heartbeat, and seizures.” “There is almost no other activity, including intimacy, capable of activating the body in such a way, and giving it such extraordinary and extraordinary sensations,” Dr. Farley said in his extensive studies of people who thrive on fear.

– The “Halloween” and children:

For children in America, Halloween is a fun and safe opportunity to experience horror, and they believe that evil witches and horrible spectra are visiting their lives. In this regard, Dr. Leon Rapoport, a doctor in psychology, describes Halloween as “the closest thing to a paper to expelling evil spirits, allowing children to get rid of the sense of fear and anxiety.” “It is an opportunity for children to express, even though they are superficially concerned about everything magical, even though this is for the child’s broad imagination to be nothing strange to him,” he says. Mascot or paper against evil spirits “.

– Maximum:

There are people whose love drives them to feel scared, far beyond that, they are people who do not satisfy their ambition to ride the missile train, or watch horror movies or even jump from the parachute. For this group of people, in New York City a few years ago, a unique venture investor, addressed to unique people of their kind, appeared in New York City. The owner of this company offers his customers a service that takes them to the maximum levels of excitement. He offers them to kidnap them, in return for paying the price of the kidnapping service designed to the taste of the kidnapped customer. This service is provided on request, for a “trivial” amount, which is equivalent to $ 1,500 to $ 4,000. You can be kidnapped, bound and threatened with white weapons or handguns (depending on what you want), and they can shut your mouth and eyes too, and they can hide you for hours or even days in an unknown place, so you feel the most terrified. The details of the kidnapping are not known to the customer in advance, but they give the company information about its tendencies and the most frightening or exciting things, so they can develop the most fearful scenarios for the customer, to feel terrified, then relieved to have a unique experience. The project, which was launched in New York in early 2002, did not take months to launch, until it served 36 clients and customers. People were taken from the bus stop, from the shopping center, or even from their bedroom, to be put in the back seat of an unknown car, their mouths were muzzled and blindfolded. They were taken to a deserted and abandoned house, stripped naked and beaten. Their agreement with the company.

Now, think, this project has grown, and has many branches in many cities across the world, so you will ask for his services if there is a branch near your home?


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