How to get rid of feeling ashamed ؟

02 نوفمبر

an introduction

Fear is a natural feeling in people, but in all living things, and every human being responds to this feeling in a different way, but fear may increase beyond its natural limits and then become a disease, which is called “phobia”.

A person may be plagued with phobias, such as fear of high places, public places, animals or reptiles, to the extent that they are not commensurate with the seriousness of those things, so that they turn from a natural person to a sick person who can not perform his functions normally or live his life like the rest of the people. The most common types of phobia that affect young people is social phobia or what is called shyness

Definition of social phobia ***

The fear, confusion and anxiety of a person when he performs an act – in word or deed – in front of the eyes or ears of others, leads him over time to avoid social situations and events

Symptoms of social phobia ***

Stuttering speech and dry saliva

Abdominal cramps

Accelerating heartbeat and breathing disorder

Shaking limbs and tightening muscles

Dispersion of ideas and poor concentration

Why do symptoms appear ***

A person with social phobia is afraid to make mistakes in front of others and is exposed to criticism or ridicule or mockery. This intense fear leads to a strong excitation of the autonomic nervous system. A hormone called adrenaline is excreted in unusually large amounts, Neurosis

The most common situations where symptoms appear ***

The progress of the imam in the oral prayer

Addressing the morning queue at school

Talk to a group of people who are not respected

personal interview

Oral examinations

Complications of phobia

Making a person passive and exhibiting about participating in social situations and events

Preventing him from developing his abilities and improving his skills

Leads to the loss of his rights without expressing his opinion

Prevents him from establishing normal social relations

Lead to life difficulties, and internal psychological conflict

May lead to psychological complications such as introversion and depression

Treat the problem ***

I realize this early before it swells, and becomes inherently difficult to cure

You can start with a small group of people you know, prepare a short word in good preparation, practice it in advance, then receive it and repeat it, and each time you increase your audience count so that your self-esteem becomes more natural for you.

You can benefit from psychological and behavioral programs to overcome shyness and it is conducted under the supervision of a specialist in this matter and has a remarkable results

Boost your confidence and your abilities

Learn the skills that prevent you from getting embarrassed in emergency situations

The key to overcoming social shyness is to challenge the misconceptions that dominate the mind when exposed to social attitudes. If a person can challenge and overcome these thoughts, he will automatically act with natural images

Always remember: No one can shine and shine at all times


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