you do not know love ..

06 فبراير

I am waiting here ..
I let you quietly break my heart ..
you do not know love ..
It did not burn with fire ..


I had a room

04 ديسمبر

I had a room
I was playing and I was laughing and I was sleeping !!


May God forgive us !!

04 ديسمبر

It will build a beautiful city
Every man has a beautiful heart
I’ll leave this city with a black heart
He hates others for no reason
We want to live in peace with people
We want to be honest with people
Why Satan’s image became clear
Our world is crying so hard
Looking for peace and no peace
. May God forgive us


the love

27 نوفمبر

 !! Love a language working in human


مالي خلق احب و افترق ~

21 نوفمبر


Beautiful effect on the pictures

02 نوفمبر



Why do some people enjoy watching horror films ؟

02 نوفمبر

Whether you are a fan of fear or risk, we give you the answer to this question from a psychological point of view.

Who among us did not know the sense of horror? Where the heartbeat accelerates and breaths, the body shivers, and one may become sweaty. Whether it’s a horror movie, a car crash on a side road in a dark forest, or a night at night exploring an abandoned house, you have to know that there are people ready to do the impossible to get that feeling. Do you know that there are people sleeping on the pavement of the cinema, to be the first to watch horror films when they go to the halls? And that there are those who pay extra to get all the new horror stories? And that there are those who travel to distant countries to throw themselves from the highest high bridge does not believe from hitting the ground only a rubber rope? All this in order to hold their breath and accelerate their pulse and enjoy the feeling of horror.

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How to get rid of feeling ashamed ؟

02 نوفمبر

an introduction

Fear is a natural feeling in people, but in all living things, and every human being responds to this feeling in a different way, but fear may increase beyond its natural limits and then become a disease, which is called “phobia”.

A person may be plagued with phobias, such as fear of high places, public places, animals or reptiles, to the extent that they are not commensurate with the seriousness of those things, so that they turn from a natural person to a sick person who can not perform his functions normally or live his life like the rest of the people. The most common types of phobia that affect young people is social phobia or what is called shyness

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نفس الخبر

02 نوفمبر


image – صور – Ward – Shields -1

21 أكتوبر